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Dec 1901 Cellar on Thursday Morning it got frozen in the shop so he Carried it up again & salted it I am not quite right yet W. Milder East wind Sunday 8 I & Nancy went to Br N's to dinner W. Mild Cloudy began to snow (very soft) about dinner time, turned to rain very sloppy, quite mild 9 A went to Spink Mills AM he bought 2 Barrels Flour @ $3.80 per Bll J does not feel well he & Henry took 10 bags grist to Br S's AM Henry took road Scraper to Lapps & brought grist home PM W. mild some soft now after dark this is Nancy's 62nd Birthday 10 Henry helped Flavius AM J went to Ceder Grove AM A & Henry Oiled & fixed a few parts of the single Harness that J bought at Gilchrists Sale A fnished a halter for Colt Queen. Herman was here to dinner W. mild about 4 in soft snow, pretty fair sleighing J took 41 1/2 lbs lard to Ceder Grove @ 12 cts per lb our 4 hogs yielded about 375 lbs of lard 11 Henry & Adeline helped Benj'n Kill hogs A Chored J went to Markham {second page} Dec 1901 with Flavius he got some Medicine for himself. Flavius was helping Benj'n Kill Hog & Cut himself across his hand & cut the Cord of his first finger, the Dr fixed & Bandaged it for him. Mary & Anne went to Markham in Cutter PM pretty fiar sleighing Anthony Doner & wife were here PM. W. fine & mild 12 Henry helped Thomas's Kill hogs A chored he half soled one of my everyday boots J took Butter & Eggs to Ceder Grove Albert Reesor's brought Jacob Rittenhause & his wife awhile PM they are newly Married. Herman Called PM he asked Nancy & me to Come to a Turkey Roast tomorrow we intend to go if it is a fine day & I feel able. I am not very well W. very fine & mild, thawing a little 13 Henry helped David Reesor kill hogs A helped Sidney Bean thresh for Thomas J Chored I & Nancy went to Herman's to Turkey Roast W. Mild Cloudy rain from about noon till about 2 PM thin sleighing Coming home W. mild 14 Henry helped Thomas A Chored & Cut a Butcher knife out of a piece of old Lance tooth saw AM he helped Flavius PM W. drizzly rain AM pretty heavy PM began to freeze toward evening, getting quite Cold Ice forming on the trees