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Dec 1901 Sundy 15 at home Elias & Mary went to Br N's W. some snow last night not enough for sleighing Cold all day 16 Henry worked for Thomas A took grist Chop to Br S's then he went after 10 AM with Mart Hoover, shooting rabbits in the Tait swamp, got none, he finished his Butcher Knife & Chored PM J went to Sale of Teenie Ramer's farm & stock at the old Cheese Factory. the thinks the farm was not sold W. very sharp & Cold all day I feel some better today 17 Henry worked at Thomas's A & J took load of barley to Br S's & stored it AM J went to Robt Reesor's sale PM A took Horse Billy & got him shod. then went to Markham. Called at sale & brought J home. W. about 4 in of very dry snow quite Cold 18 A & Anne helped David's Kill hogs Henry helped Flavius fix horse stables AM he worked for Thomas PM W. fine Cler quite sharp all day, fair sleighing J Chored I & he Killed 5 Geese 19 A took 4 live hogs 760 lbs to Stouffville Packing Co @ $6.15 per Cwt. Henry helped Peter B Reesor Kill hogs for Thomas J Chored I & he killed 5 Geese W. Cler Cold 4 above Zero this morning {second page} Dec 1901 20 J & Nancy went to Markham AM A Chored OIled the best single Harness Henry Chored at Benj'ns he went to Toronto W. Cler & Cold very fair sleighing A took the hogs to Stouffville with the sleigh yesterday 21 Boys Chored A & Henry Oiled best single Harness second time & sorted some Potatoes in the Cellar that were put down first without sorting they were not badly rotted J went to Winterstines sale on 10th Markham with Flavius PM w. nearly Zero this morning. fine Cler not so Cold now Sunday 22 at home all day Albert Reesor's & Sarah Moyer & JD's young folks were here to dinner Elias was here too W. Milder but a raw wind from West & South west looks like a storm 23 Henry drove Mare Rosa to Markham in Cart Called at Ceder Grove & got her shod all around AM then he drove her to Cherrywood PM J went Rabbit shooting AM he got 2 & A went to Van Horn's sale down near the Grange Hill PM I & Susanna went to JD's AM W. mild, looks like rain on snow it is snowing a little this evening. Boys took some dry Beech wood to Meeting house AM 24 Henry & Nancy went to Ceder Grove AM J & A set up & split some wood at Meeting house AM