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Mon Apr 7. Fine and a little warmer. Uncle in Toronto. We cleaned Clothes closets, Uncles room and spare room. Uncles Carpet up. took our Carpet up and cleaned in the evening. Tue Apr 8. Fine and moderately warm. Cleaned our room and put down stair Carpet and hall. Jennie Edey called My cold a little better. all upstairs finished. Wed Apr 9. Fine bright day, roads dry. Cleaned Chamber Willies helped carry out feeder. Aunt Mattie and I called at Mrs Whites collecting. Thur Apr 10. Cold east rain, a very bad day. set a hen.. Fri Apr 11. Fine and mild but very muddy. Aunt Mattie went collecting, Uncle went for her in the evening. Sat Apr 12. Fine and quite mild. Started to wash outside. Mr Luesby here fixing pump. set a second hen. shot 5 Rabbits this week. Sun Apr 13. Fine bright day. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at Church. frogs out first. Uncle at Willies in the evening. Aunt Mattie went to evening Church with Mrs Clarke Mon Apr 14. Fine and warmer. washed and churned. I called at Marys in the eve. Did a little raking. Tue Apr 15. Fine and mild. Uncle went to Thisleton with Willie. We cleaned Parlor. put in Lettuce and Onions. Marjorie and Mildred here for tea. I put on lighter Underwear.