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Thur May 8. Fine but cold east wind. men finished seeding all but peas. - Mick went to put in his garden in the afternoon. Uncle in Toronto. I went to Marys for a while in the afternoon. frost. Fri May 9. Fine and very cold. men ploughing. Aunt Nellie called at Marys in the afternoon. Sat May 10. Fine and very cold thick ice this morning. Sun May 11. Fine and a little milder Ice Uncle and Aunt Nellie at Church. Aunt Mattie and I went to Mothers and to evening Church. a lovely evening. Mon May 12. Fine but cold. Annie here for tea. I called Miss D. Tue May 13. Fine day. Aunt Mattie called at Mrs Welsh's. Wed May 14. Fine and quite cool. I went to Toronto, called to see Aunt Lizzie and Aunt Nancy. Thur May 15. Fine at first then showery and cold East wind. Uncle and Aunt Mattie at Mrs Bothams funeral. Fri May 16. Cold and windy a frost after thunder shower. Mick went home, as his son is dead. Sat May 17. Fine but cool. Uncle in Toronto in afternoon. I went to meet Clara at the station. Sun May 18. Fine but cool. Clara and I at Concord Church. Frank and Mrs Teasdale here for tea. a frost at night.