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Sun June 22. Fine day. Cool. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church. Uncle and I at Masonic Service. Mon June 23. Fine and moderately warm. Dr Campbell here for dinner. Tue June 24. Fine and warm. Auntie called at F. Teasdales. Breakys called. Wed June 25. Fine and very warm. Came a shower in the evening. Uncle helping to build the church shed. Thur June 26. Fine and warm. Aunt Nellie at the Dentists, last time. I called to ask for Miss Duncan. Fri June 27. Very, very, warm. Uncle at the bee at Church. Sat June 28. Fine and cooler. Our Pic-nic a delightful day for it. Sun June 29. Fine and moderately warm. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at Mr Reives I went to Concord. Aunt Mattie and I at eve- church. Mon June 30. Fine but very hot. Uncle finished at the shed. Tue July 1. Dominion Day extremely warm. hottest day this year. Uncle brought Mother and Annie he and I went for a drive in the eve - Wed July 2. Fine and very warm. men at barn-yard. Thur July 3. Fine but warm and very dusty. I walked to Thornhill. rode home with Mrs Clarke. Fri July 4. Rained heavily with severe thunder storm. I did not go to Welsh's. a good rain which was needed. lost seven chickens.