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Tue Aug 12. Fine and cool. We were at Mr Bowes raising. Wed Aug 13. Fine and a little warmer. Aunt Mattie went to Aunt Lizzies. the men at Willie's hauling in All cut at both places, and this the first to come in. Sold 7 chickens 15 cts lbs about 90 cts pr. I called at Mrs Welsh's in the evening. Thur Aug 14. Fine and warm. men at Willies. Auntie came home in the evening morning. Fri Aug 15. Very, very warm, men at Willies untill noon then came here. got apples at Mrs Clarks. Sat Aug 16. Extremely warm all day men finished barley and one load of Oats. a thunder shower in eve. Sun Aug 17. Very, very, warm. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at eve - church. Mon Aug 18. Fine and very hot. the Mrs Clarkes here in the evening. Tue Aug 19. Fine and cool. East wind. men finished about 2 O'Clock. and went to Willies. I went to gardeners and got Cabbage, made Chow - Chow. Annie and Lizzie here for tea. Wed Aug 20. Fine and cool. men at Willies hauling in finished Oats and Wheat. Thur Aug 21. Fine and cool. Uncle at Willies pulling peas. Aunt Mattie and I drove out with butter. Fri Aug 22. Rained in the morning. I was at Marys in the afternoon baking. A very heavy rain at night. did good.