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Mon Oct 13. Fine day and warm. We are thrashing. Miss Edey called. Tue Oct 14. Fine and warm. finished thrashing and cutting at noon. Minnie Appelbe came in the morning. Sara White called also Mr and Mrs Breakey. Wed Oct 15. Fine day. Woodbridge Fair. I helping Mary. Thur Oct 16. Fine day. cooler. Auntie helping Mary thrashing I called at Mr F Lawrences. Fri Oct 17. Fine day. but colder. Mr Lawrence called. showery at eve. Sat Oct 18. Fine but dull and colder. I went to Toronto and got suit $2.50. Sun Oct 19. Fine but cold. We all went to Willies to tea. Mon Oct 20. Rained {nd} all morning gently then cleared. Dr Campbell called. very damp. Tue Oct 21. Dull and colder. Aunties in Toronto. Wed Oct 22. Fine untill evening it came a shower. Ida Clarke here for tea. We picked Apples then helped Willie pick his in afternoon. Thur Oct 23. Fine but dull. Man started ploughing yesterday Fri Oct 24. Rained heavily most of the day. we packed a few things to day Sat Oct 27 25. Fine day. I went to Toronto. Mr and Mrs Atkinson called. Aunt Mattie called at Dr Johns.