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Sun Nov 30. Fine and mild. Mr and Mrs Wiltshire called. Lucy Bowes here for tea. Ida Clarke and {Herb?} here in the evening. Mon Dec 1. Fine and very mild. Mrs McKenzie called. Aunt Mattie and I called at Mrs Clarke. I got weighed. 127 pounds. Tue Dec 2. Fine day. and warm. Aunt Nellie helping Mary. Aunt Mattie and I took up Parlor Carpet Mr and Mrs Jakes called. Wed Dec 3. Fine warm day. Aunt Nellie went to Toronto. Frank and Mrs Leasdale here in the evening. Thur Dec 4. Fine day. Aunt Nellie came home. Dr Campbell here. Dick is sick. Mick out at the mill Fri Dec 5. Fine day and very mild. Aunt Mattie and I at Miss Mundeys. geting five Pullets eggs Sat Dec 6. Fine and mild. Mr and Mrs Breakey called. Sun Dec 7. Mild at first then came heavy rain at noon and turned colder. Aunt Mattie and I at Church. and remained at {Motheres?} Mon Dec 8. Very cold and stormy. Willie helping to bright up cattle and calves. I went over to help Mary. all hard frozen Tue Dec 9. Fine day moderately cold. We washed and churned. five eggs.