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Tue Jan 13. Very cold, 22 below zero. a dreadful frosty day. Mrs Clarke here for tea. Eddie took a {wad?} of Barley to Woodbridge. Wed Jan 14. Fine day cold at first, but moderating rapidly toward evening. Thur Jan 15. Fine and very mild. Aunt Mattie at the Doctors. I called at Mrs Teasdales but she was away. Fri Jan 16. Mild. We washed and churned. Came heavy snow and wet in the afternoon. Mrs {illegible} staff called. Mr Lawrence called. Sat Jan 17. Very strong wind and a little colder. Eddie Clarke here in the morning. Cleaning up Barley. Sun Jan 18. Fine bright day and moderately cold. Mary here for tea. Mick did not go home. Mon Jan 19. Fine and mild. Eddie Clarke here in the morn Grant here. Tue Jan 20. East wind and raining a little then turned to snow. Aunties, Willie and I in Toronto. E. Clarke here {ere?}. Wed Jan 21. Fine but cold, snow very deep. Willie got the bills. Thur Jan 22. Fine and moderately cold. Fri Jan 23. Very mild, and thawing. Lydia Wilson here for tea. Sat Jan 24. Rained last night, a little sloppy. I went to Mrs Teasdales for tea.