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Fri May 15 {(Ice?)} Fine but cold, ice this morning. Auntie calleed at Mrs Littles. Mrs Teasdale, I, and wife here. Sat May 16. Fine and warmer. Aunt Nellie in Toronto. Sun May 17. Fine and very warm, very dusty. I went to Concord Church. Annie here in afternoon also Willies for a while {Marjoue?} here all day. Mr and Mrs Wiltshire here in eve. Sitting out. Mon May 18. Fine and warm. Sitting on Verandah. Tue May 19. Fine but very, very warm. I went to Toronto. We let our Range out. Wed May 20. Fine but very, hot and dreadful dust. I called to see Mrs White in the evening. Thur May 21. Fine and very warm and dry. Fri May 22. Fine day. very warm and dusty, came shower at noon. Sat May 23. Fine and very cool. Aunt Mattie and I called at Marys in the afternoon. Sun May 24. Fine and cool. I went to Concord Church. David and Marion Smellie here also. Annie. I went to Mrs Clarkes in the evening. rained in eve. Mon May 25. Rained heavily untill eleven o'clock then cleared and very hot. all at Mothers. Tue May 26. Aunt Mattie, Mary, Annie and I cleaning the house. I went to gardeners in eve. Cattle came on the train.