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Wed June 10. Fine and a little colder, Mother and M. Watson called. Thur June 11. I went to Toronto. fine and warm. Dr Appelbe here in the evening. Fri June 12. Fine and cool. I went to Willies in afternoon. Sat June 13. Fine and cool. Charlie and Grant here for tea Sun June 14. Fine and moderately warm. Aunt Nellie and I at Church, morning and evening. Mother here for tea. Mrs Clarke called in eve. Mon June 15. Fine day and very cool. Tue June 16. I went to Toronto to see Aunt Nancy. Misses Bowes also Mrs Lawrence and Ida Clarke called. frost. Wed June 17. Fine and a little warmer. I went to Richmond Hill for the clock. Thur June 18. Fine day. moderately warm. Fri June 19. A heavy rain then cleared and turned cold a heavy frost and Ice next morning. Sat June 20. Fine day, bright but cool. Ice. Sun June 21. Rained a very little but dull. Aunt Nellie at Church. Willie here for tea. had strawberries. Mon June 22. Fine and warmer. Willies here putting up the post. Mrs Shuter called in eve. Tue June 23. Fine and very warm. Mother and Annie here for tea. Wed June 24. Fine and warm. with just a little shower. Miss Johnson and Annie called. Thur June 25. Fine and moderately warm. I went to Toronto Ida Clarke called also Mrs Simpson & Miss Mundey