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Sun July 12. Fine and warm then a gentle rain in the afternoon. David Smellie here. Aunt Nellie at morning Church. I went to evening Church. Aunties went for a Auto ride. Mon July 13. Fine and warm. Miss Andersons from Belleville called. we had tea at Mothers. B. Currants 18 c, qt. Tue July 14. Fine and still hot. I went to Willies in the afternoon. Wed July 15. Fine and very warm. got black currants, 18c qt. we were at Mothers in eve to see the Race. Thur July 16. Fine but extremely warm. fitting shutters. Aunt Mattie and I at graveyard. Aunt M_ called on Mrs Lawrence. Fri July 17. Fine and cooler. Aunties called on Mrs Bowes. Sat July 18. Fine and very cool. Thomas Poole here for dinner. the Cooke girls all here for tea. Sun July 19. Fine and cool. Aunt Nellie and I at Church. Mother and Annie, also Willies called in afternoon Aunties and I at eve_ church. Mon July 20. Fine and cool. we washed. Aunt Mattie and I called at Miss Mundeys, Lizzie Bowes called. Tue July 21. Fine day. Mrs Simpson brought peas. I went to R. H. Wed July 22. Fine day, at home. Thur July 23. Rained during afternoon. Auntie at Doctors. Fri July 24. Fine and cool. Mrs Teasdale and Clara called and had tea. Aunties up at grave yard. Sat July 25. Very warm, at home all day.