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Wed Sept 16. Fine and quite warm. I went to Toronto got grapes got water in the afternoon. Annie called in afternoon {Charlie took Aunt Mattie for a drive written above} Thur Sept 17. Fine and warm. Sitting out ina fternoon. Aunt Nellie called at Miss Edys. Mother here in eve. Fri Sept 18. Fine and warm. I had to go to Toronto on {illegible} I went to service at church. Aunt M went for a walk. Sat Sept 19. Fine and very warm. Sitting out.Mrs Noyle and Miss Morgan called. Mother and Annie here in eve, J Edy called Sun Sept 20. Fine and very warm, and dusty. Aunt Nellie at church Mon Sept 21. Fine and warm. Lizzie Bowes called. Mrs Little has a son Tue Sept 22. Very warm in eve came up a storm but not much rain. Aunti and I at Dr but he was out Wed Sept 23. Rained in the morning. Auntie and I at Dr in afternoon. I went to decorate also in eve. Thurs Sept 24. Fine and cooler. a little shower in eve. Auntie and I at Harvest. Home service. Lizzie and Fanny Bowes here in eve. We called on Mrs Small. Fri Sept 25. Fine and very cool. Heavy white frost {I called at Mrs Littles M. A 13 written above}. J Cooks here Sat Sept 26. Fine but cold wind. Aunt Nellie at Bazaar. Marjorie and Charlie here for tea Sun Sept 27. Fine bright day. but cool. Aunt Nellie at church. I went in eve we called at Mothers in afternoon. light rainy. Mon Sept 28. Fine and cool. Miss Northgraves, Mrs Woods, and Mrs Smith called. Arthur Mary Watson