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Fri Oct 9. Came a thunderstorm and heavy rain. Aunt Nellie came home. Willie called. Sat Oct 10. Rained at first also in the evening a heavy rain. Mother and Annie called. Sun Oct 11. Fine and bright. Aunt Nellie at church. Willie here for dinner. Mrs Leasdale here for tea. Annie called. I went to eve church. Mon Oct 12. Thanksgiving and Woodbridge Fair. Annie and Mother called in the afternoon. fine bright day. Tue Oct 13. Fine day. Auntie called at Miss Mundy. Wed Oct 14. Fine day and quite cold. Mrs Milne and Mrs Smellie called, also Lizzie. Aunt Nellie making calls. Thur Oct 15. I went to Toronto, took a chicken to Aunt Lizzie. Annie called in afternoon. Dull with a few showers. Fri Oct 16. East winds with showers. Mr and Mrs Little called with Butter 30 and Potatoes. Mr Pickett called with pears. Sat Oct 17. Clearing and fine. Grant here for dinner. Sun Oct 18. Fine and warm. Aunt Nellie at church. Annie and I at Willies and H.H. at Concord Mon Oct 19. Fine and warm. Aunt Mattie and I called at Mrs. Kellys. I got apples at Miss Edeys. Tue Oct 20. Fine and warm. Aunt Nellie in Toronto. Aunt M and I called at Miss Bowes. Mother and Mrs Watson here in eve.