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Mon Nov 30- Rained all morning then cleared in afternoon Clara and I called at Mrs. Reamans.. I left. Tue Dec 1. Fine day but muddy. Mrs Clarke and Marjorie called in the afternoon. very foggy. furnace out. Wed Dec 2- Fine warm day. William here and finished her house. Man started to make the road. foggy. Thur Dec 3- Fine and colder. I went to help Annie to get ready for the club. Fri Dec 4. Fine day and colder. Aunties and I in Toronto. Men finished road way. Sat Dec 5. Fine day. Mother called for a while. Mr D. moved the Piano. the boys called. Sun Dec 6. Fine bright day but cold. Aunt Nellie and I at church. I went in the evening. Willie and Mary called in afternoon. Mon Dec 7. Fine cold day. but bright and clear. Auntie and I at Doctors in the eve. East wind. moved hens in. Tue Dec 8. Fine but cold East wind. We light furnace. Wed Dec 9. East wind came a little dry snow. Our Bazaar Willies children out, and stayed all night. They took in about $180. Thurs Dec 10. Fine day with exception of a little dry snow. Fri Dec 11. Fine bright day. Aunt N. called in Mrs Jakes. Sat Dec 12. Fine day. I walked to Willies. Annie called, Ida Clarke called. Sun Dec 13. Snowing most of day. Aunt Nellie at church. I went in the eve- very bad walking. Annie called.