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Misses bower called. Mrs. Wilson and Mr Lawrence. Tue May 11. Fine day and warmer. fire out in Range the first for over a week. {Illegible} Wed May 12. {little X drawn right next to the date} Fine and bright. and warm until eve it came a thunder storm. I went to Toronto Thurs May 13. Fine day and moderately warm. Aunt Mattie and I walked to the old place, and Willies for tea. I called at Miss Mundeys in eve. Mary Walson also Mother and Arnie Called. fire light. Fri May 14. Fine bright day but rather evol. Sat May 15. Fine but very cool. east wind I was at {Illegible} social at Methodist church in eve. Sun May 16. Cold east wind. Aunt Nellie at church, it started to rain at noon. horrible wet and cold. I went to church in the evening through morning. Range going Mon May 17. A cold windy day. washed. Mrs Robert Clarke and Mrs. George called, I went to Miss Mundeys to get dress fitted at mothers in eve. Tue May 18. Fine but cold, {Illegible} Clarke called also Mrs. Lawrence called to ask for Miss {Illegible} Mary {Illegible} called in eve. heavy frost. ice. Wed may 19. Fine but cold then brought in eve. I walked out and called at Miss Duncane in eve. Thur May 20. Cold east wind. got my dress $3.25 with {Illegible} went to {Illegible} graduation Friday May 21. Fine but very cold and dull. eighteen chickens with two hens