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Thur Sept 23. Fine bright say. Aunt Mattie, Lizzie and I out at the old place. a little shower in evening. A. Appelbe called. Fri Sept 24. Fine but dull. I went to Bandage Rolling at Mrs Atkinsons. Mother, the girls and Ammie Mason here for tea. Sat Sept 25. Fine and moderately warm. We were in at Mrs Publeo in afternoon and got a basket of tomatoes. I was at Mothers in the evening. Sun Sept 26. Rained heavily all morning then cleared. and a terrific wind in afternoon. Concord. H.H. Srvice Aunt Nellie and I at eve-church, Mrs Davidson here Mon Sept 27. FIne but cold and windy. I went to Wellies in {in the left margin: Plants and gardens froze} the morning to help then at supper and home Tue Sept 28. Fine bright but cold. after frost and ice cleaned windows and walk. I was decorating. R.G Wed Sept 29. Fine bright day. We had vaccum cleaner 50 cts did all rooms and finished cleaning. Thur Sep 30. Fine bright day. no fine cleaned garden. cut lawn. Mrs Leasdales and Clara called We all went to Thanskgiving Service. Fri Oct 1. Cold east wind light a little fire in {rawge?} in the day time every day but Thursday. I have sore throat and cold. cut lawn for the last time.