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Finished first socks. Fri Nov 19. Rained heavily from the East, beat in. I was at the Bandage Rolling at mrs Atkinsons. Santa Claus came Sat Nov 20. A high wind with squauls. quite muddy. Sun Nov 21. Started to snow about eleven o'clock. Aunt Nellie at morning church. Lizzie called. Aunt Mattie and I at eve church. Willie and Mary called in afternoon. Turned cold and windy. Mon Nov 22. A cold windy day. Frankie {illegible} for wool. Tue Nov 23. Fine but cold. muddy. Aunt Nellie at Red Cross. Wed Nov 24. Fine and mild rather sticky but Indian Summer weather, rather misty, Aunties and I in Toronto shopping. Aunt Lizzie and Mrs {Gruelliel?} here Thur Nov 25. Fine and very mild but rather muddy. Fri Nov 26. Fine and still mild and like Indian Summer. I went to bandage rolling at Mrs Halle. rained heavily through the night. Sat Nov 27. Rained untill noon then cleared. windy and dill. finished second pair socks in two weeks or less. Sun Nov 28. Fine and mild but muddy. Aunt Nellie at Church. Aunt Mattie and I called at Mothers in the afternoon. Aunt Mattie and I at evening Church. Mr Laurence at Service but not taking duties. Mon Nov 29. Cold and dull. We washed. Mr James Oster called. Tue Nov 30. Fine but cold. frozen quite clean.