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January SUNDAY 8 1893 Went out to Port Dover this morning as usual takeing ma with me. Had an excellent discourse from our dear brother Cookman. His subject was the parable of the wheat and tares. Did not feel myself fit to enter into God's house to day owing to unbelief or lack of trust in HIm. Found Jack and Florence here from Simcoe having come down after church then. Went to hear Dr Lake this evening {second page} January MONDAY 9 1893 Fred awakened me this morning saying that dogs were at our sheep. So I got up and we spent nearly the whole forenoon in hunting up the sheep. Found that one of our best young ewes had been worried so we killed & dressed this one and finally found the rest all right. Went to W. McBrides & to Mr Halls to caution them about their doggs. Have had a terribly drifting snow storm since about the middle of last night.