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May 1908 20 Boys J & Henry worked on Corn ground A drained at NB's I went to Ceder Grove PM Called at Flavius Ernie is about the same W. rather Cloudy warm growing weather 21 Boys Chored brought a load sawdust PM J took Cream I & Nancy went to Joe's & Elias's PM all doing well Ernie is doing well too W. drizzly rain AM wind PM 22 A & Henry helped Elias let down their barn AM J harrowed Mang Corn ground AM he sowed Corn PM Thomas's brought Paul Martin & wife & John Brubacher & wife from Waterloo to dinner W fine & Cler 23 Henry helped Flavius work Mangel ground J & A {illegible} AM drew dung on Potatoe ground PM I & Nancy went to see Mary Burkholder PM she is very low W. a very very fine warm day fine Breeze Ernie still doing well Sunday 24 Henry's went to Meeting at Wideman's A went to Herman's I & Nancy & Susanna went awhile to Flavius's AM Ernie doing very well we went awhile to Elias's PM & went to Joe's to supper W. a very very fine day 25 Boys planted the late Potatoes J went to Ceder Grove AM & to Flavius's PM Ernie still in bed but doing well Dr Calls every day W. quite fine & Cler {second page} May 1908 26 A & Henry helped Flavius put in his corn J took Cream & took a grist of barley chop to Davids W. very warm thunder Clouds in NW all PM Came on heavy showers after supper some thunder 27 Boys Chored AM A & Henry helped Flavius PM I & Susanna went to Ceder Grove PM W. very very fine growing weather quite warm over 70 deg the middle of the day Ascension day 28 all went to Meeting at Hebron remarks by Abraham Rittenhouse Sermon on St Mat 16 C by Bishop Francis Rittenhouse Bishop Paul Martin spoke too David Grove & family & Hermans Harvey were here to dinner W. very warm & cler 29 I went to yearly Conference at Hebron AM everything passed off quietly Daniels & Pre Tobias Martin & Pr David Martin & Deacon David Cressman & Deacon Menno Shants were here to dinner there were Meeting at Hebron {illegible} Pre Tobias Martin Joseph Wismer {illegible} Martin spoke Joseph Wisemer Called awhile this evening W. very warm a fine shower PM some thunder not heavy I walked to Flavius' this evening Ernie doing well.