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June 1908 9 A & Henry helped Flavius J scuffled Mangels & took Grist to Davids W. not quite so warm fine Breeze PM I & Nancy washed AM I went to see Ernie this evening he is doing well 10 I & Nancy went to Br inlaw Simon Hoovers W. very fine & Cool Called to see Mary Burkholder she is very very low A is at David Groves working at front of stables 11 J & Henry drew gravel with 2 teams doing road work A is at Davids W. fine & Cool 12 A finished work at Davids J & Henry worked on roads I took Susanna to Dr went to Davids to dinner W. very fine & Cler day 13 A & Henry helped Flavius Cementing J Chored W. very fine Cler not so warm Sunday 14 at home Henry's went to Meeting at Altona Elias's & Joes were here to dinner W. a few sprinkles of rain through the day a few slight showers this evening quite Cool this evening 15 A & Henry worked Flavius J scuffled Corn with seeder & Chored W. fine & Cool Breeze from north I & Nancy washed AM J took 6 Pigs lbs to Locust Hill for Hornshaw @ $5.90 per Cwt. 16 Boys hoed Mangels Benj'ns Man helped 16 {second page} June 1908 J took Cream W quite Cool Dr Called Susanna not so well 17 Boys finished hoeing Mangels AM they helped Flavius PM J topped thistles & fixed gravel Boxes on both waggons Dr called PM Susanna is in bed W. very fine Cler & Cool 18 Boys drew gravel with 2 teams & one leveler on Pickering townline south of Corner there is a grant of money W. very fine & Cler Susanna in bed some better 19 Boys drew gravel W. very very warm over 80 deg thunder clouds went around came on this evening very fine steady rain for a while some pretty heavy Claps thunder Thomas's Adeline & her girls & Becca's sister Leah Called awhile PM Susanna in bed 20 A & Henry worked at Flavius J topped thistles he took Cream this morning W. quite warm Sunday 21 at home Dr Called Susanna about the same Henry's went to Meeting at Widemans A went to Daniels to dinnner J went to Herman's I & Nancy were alone Elias's & Joes Called in awhile W. very very warm a thunder Cloud went around PM 22 A & Henry worked at Flavius J Cultivated the Corn W. not so warm thunder clouds went around towards evening Br N's were here to supper.