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June 1908 I & Nancy washed AM 23 A & Henry worked at Flavius AM they Chored PM I & Willis went to Joes for Cabbage Plants this Morning Jesse G Reesor Came this Morning he has been here all day stay all night W. not so warm thunder storm windy all PM Some heavy showers heavy thunder at times 24 A & Henry worked on road with 2 teams East of 10th Con on Townline AM they worked at Flavius PM I went to Ceder Grove PM W. strong NW wind pretty warm Cooler towards evening 25 A & Henry worked at {illegible} J scuffled Mangels Esther & Le{illegible} & Frank were here to dinner & supper Teenie Stovers was here all day AB's Lizzie Called too W. very fine & Cler not so warm 26 A & Henry worked at Flavius' AM A worked at Elias's PM J & Henry drew stove wood from bush & brought load sawdust for bedding PM W. very fine 27 Boys drew gravel 2 teams & shoveler AM J worked at Elias's PM Henry went to John Pearce's raising W. quite warm Sunday 28 at home Br S & his girls were here to dinner Johnny Reesor's Called this evening W. fine quite warm {second page} June 1908 July 29 J took A & the Miner to Daniels started at 4 oc Henry scuffled Potatoes I helped Nancy wash AM Br inlaw Enos Hoover's were here to supper W. quite warm some thunder clouds went around PM a fine slow steady rain after dark 30 J took 8 pigs 1600 lbs (less 12 lbs) to Locust Hill for Hornshaw @ $6.25 per Cwt Henry took grist Chop to Davids I & Br C went to funeral of Robert John Wallace at Altona He died in Dakota W. very fine Cloudy at times July 1 Henry & Sarah went to Sarah's folks J Chored I brought Ernie AM & took him home PM he is doing very well W. very fine & Cler pretty warm AB's Lizzie was here to supper 2 Boys hoed Potatoes I got Mare Nell shod all around PM W. rather Cloudy at times pretty warm 3 J & Henry scuffled Corn J went awhile AM to raising of a linter to the old Jim Milroy barn (Johns Alick lives there W. very fine & warm 4 Henry scuffled Mangels with seeder J chored Russell brought A home PM W. quite warm a slight shower PM Sunday 5 all went to Meeting at Hebron except J staid with Susanna remarks by C Gayman Sermon on St Luke part of 15 C by C Burkholder