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Tue Feb 23rd. Fine day and moderately mild. At home all day. Wed Feb 24th. Turning colder after a snowfall. Uncle and I over at pa's for tea after coming from Willis. Uncle took Aunt Nellie and I to Leap year carnival. Thur Feb 25. Drifted up a little in lane end. I was at the store in the evening, very cold. Fri Feb 26th. Fine day and quiet cold. Uncle went out to Woodbridge in the evening. The night {gamey?} is at Thornhill Concert 13 below zero. Sat Feb 27th" Fine day and quiet mild, Uncle took me to the Rink at Thornhill. Sun Feb 28th" Rained and thundered heavily through the night. We went to morning Church. I went to Fisherville in the afternoon. Then went to Thornhill at night again. Mon Feb 29. Very stormy day, snowing and blowing all day, but not cold. No evening mail up. Tue Mar 1st. We had thunder and lightning again last night. Our gateways blown full. The third filled up. No mail. Wed Mar 2nd" We got a mail in the morning. The roads opened up. very mild. Esekine Oxley here for tea. Thur Mar 3. very heavy thunder and lightning last night. Turned cold again very high wind. Fri Mar 4th. Fine and moderately cold. The girls called in the afternoon. Uncle went for coal. We went to the milk social. Uncle, Lizzie, and I.

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