File #27966: "MaryAgnesCooperDiary_1905LaboreEtHonore_010.pdf"


Thur Feb 2, Fine but very cold, Annie and Lizzie called in the morning. Lizzie came over to stay all night. Aunties went to the W. A. Meeting at Mrs. Gibsons. Fri Feb 3, Fine but extremely cold, Aunt Mattie and Lizzie went to Toronto. I called to see Lucy Bowes Sat Feb 4, Fine clear day, but cold, I called to ask for Miss Page. Annie and LIzzie went to Richmond Hill. Sun Feb 5, Cold east wind, Father and Mother here to spend the day, I went to Fisherville. Uncle and I at evening Church, very stormy at night. Mon Feb 6, Rather stormy, our lane quiet deep but only light. Aunties also Mother out helping Mary Watson to quilt. Tue Feb 7, Stormy morning but clearing at noon. Uncle went to Toronto, on the car. Wed Feb 8, Very stormy and cold, drifting hard in the afternoon. Will Johnston called, the last time up the lane. Thur Feb 9, Fine and quiet mild, I was at Mrs. McDonalds for tea. Auntie was collecting at Mr. Whites. made road in the field. Fri Feb 10, Mild but very very stormy in the afternoon Aunt Mattie and I went to Toronto in the afternoon, Walked out, Annie and LIzzie here for a while, Sat Feb 11, Fine day, but quiet cold, Aunties went to Toronto in the afternoon. Sun Feb 12, Very snowy, I was at home. Uncle and Aunt Nellie at morning church.