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Mild all day rained a little in evening. Willie and G. helping. Feeder carried out. cleaned parlor put mat down in spare room. all done but dining room, Kitchen. Good Friday. rained untill noon then fine in the afternoon. Auntie and I at Mr Devlins in the evening. Fine day. Uncle in Toronto. Fine day but cold. Uncle, Aunt Nellie and I at church, had veal for dinner. Mrs Clarke and Ida here in eve. Fine day a little cold. Mick started work. the fat cattle went away $6. {'1320 each.' written in gap above} I called at Marys in the afternoon Fine and warmer. men raking yards. Aunt Mattie finishing collecting. {'Lettuce in' written in gap above} stayed at Mothers all night. Fine day cool east wind. Aunt Mattie came home in evening did a little gardening. cleaned hen house. Fine day cool. did a little more gardening. Did curtains for Parlor at Marys. children here for tea. Fine day east wind. some people seeding. Fine but cold. men taking out roots. Mr Devlin brought duck eggs down. Fine and much warmer. Uncle, Aunt Mattie and I at church. home rest of day. Fine and warm. I went to Toronto. Auntie washed some blankets and quilts. men started seeding.