File #29144: "Gertrude Brown Hood Diary, 1912-1929_026.pdf"


{The following list of dates and social callers were those that were covered by the business card on the previous page.} 1927 Sunday visitors + callers Aug. 7 Douglas & Gertie afternoon “ 14 Marguerite for dinner “_21st Jack + Marguerite called Oct, 23rd Marian Evans Sat + Sun Nov, 4 Bob Thompson tea “ 11 Bob Thompson tea “ 18 Jean French Dinner March 25 John Isobel Daddy & Ma 1928. went from church down to Alex it rained nearly all day Mrs {Iswen?} + Florence over there {Over the page that contained the numbers and the recipe for meat brine is another business card, or rather what appears to be the back of the business card from the previous page. It reads: A DOZEN OUTSTANDING REASONS Why Every Modern Housewife Will Eventually Own a New ZIP-GRIP CLOTHESLINE
1. Requires no Clothespins 7. Quickly Installed
2. Self-Cleaning  8. Will Last a Lifetime
3. Fast and Simple to Use 9. Rustproof
4. Will not Stretch, Sag, or Break 10. Prompt Prepaid Shipment
5. Entirely Frictionless 11. Guaranteed
6. Very Efficient in Winter 12. No Price Comparison
At the bottom of the card, in Edith’s writing is: 200 ft. 9.95}
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