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== September Month 1909. == The Prince Albert {illegible} since it was renovated upstairs, was on Sunday 12th and 13th 1909. Tea and {illegible} on Monday the 13th night 1909. Mr Manning of Whitby was thr Preacher that conducted the services on Sunday. I went a {illegible} of apples and a few potatoes on top to Uncle George White Thur noon sept 16th 1909 from Port Perry. Then address was 145 {illegible} at Toronto express up was 60cts Freight would {illegible} been 6-0CT. Mon 20. I {illegible} Froshett {illegible} and Miss Gibson was was married Wed night Sept 8th 1909. Ellie Hayneis was married in the year 1909. along about the 4 or 5 of July 1909. My Father's birthday is the 20th of Sept {illegible} is 57 the 20th of Sept 1909. Sept 29. Mr James McBrien School Inspector dies Sun mom sept 19 26 1909 at his son home Prince Albert. was buried in Prince Albert Pine.

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