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JANUARY, MONDAY 8. 1866. Sunday & Monday both very Frosty days we was both of us George Beatties Thrashing on Monday TUESDAY 9. a little milder to day both at George Beatties to day Thrashing & Finished there thrashing WEDNESDAY, 10. Pleasant to day was at school metting in Fornoon & clening wheat in the afternoon JANUARY THURSDAY, 11. 1866. a little soft to day we was cleaning wheat to day FRIDAY, 12. I went to Fergus this morning with the sleigh & to Geulph in the afternoon with a load of wheat 43 Bushels & 50 lb at 98 cents per Bushel rather wet in the evening I brought hom a new stove 21 Dollars in price SATURDAY, 13. Freezing a little to day I was at Mr. Elgies to day thrashing oats

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