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204 as with yeast; keep it tight. It may be flavored with oils of spruce or lemon, if desired, by on it the oils 1 or 2 qts, of the water, boiling hot: The com will last for 5 or 6 makings. If it get to sour add more molasses and water in the same proportion. It is cheap healthy and no bother with yeast. Wines, bouant Cherry, and other berry wines. The juice of the above fruit can be used alone or in combinations to make a variety of of flavors, Express all the juice you can, then take and equal amount of boiling and pour on the pressed fruit, let stand 2 hrs, squeeze out as much as there is of juice and mix. Then add 4 lbs of brown suger to each gal of the mixture; let stand until worked, 3 or 4 weeks, without a hung on fanel sinkly a piece of ganze over hung to keep flies out; when it is done working hang it up , be careful not to have any seeds of in it. If bottled, always lay them on there sides .Grape wine Ripe, freshly picked, and selected, tame grapes, 20lbs; put them into a stone jar and pour over them 6qts, of boiling soft water; when suffieciently cool to allow it, you will squeeze them thoroughly with the
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