File #3219: "Beattie_Diary 15.pdf"



APRIL, MONDAY, 2. 1866. Fine to day I was at John Beatties getting the lese wrot for John Elmslies Farm rented it for 4 yers at 100 Dollers per year clening oats in the afternoon 46 B for shoping & William Murrie got 34 Bushels 1 Aprils 1867 Wet with sleet & rain George at Guelph with 80 Bushels oats TUESDAY, 3. Thawing to day we started to make sugar Hired Hester Cordner for one year at $100 WEDNESDAY, 4. Very fine day & the snow going fast working at sugar making I was out this afternoon colecting seat rents for Melvil Church old parker got 15 Bushels oats at 30 cents $4.50 APRIL, THURDSAY, 5. 1866. I was at Fergus this afternoon snow nerly gon of the fields FRIDAY, 6. some frost to day we was thrashing peas with the flails no run of sap yet Paid William Murrie one Hunder Dollers for going of John Elmslies Farm SATURDAY, 7. We was in Guelph with oats 57 Bushels at 30 cents per Bushel

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