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ARPIL, MONDAY, 9. 1866. Fine day to day I q was at John Beatties this forenoon getting the lese wrot for John Elmslies farm clening oats in the afternoon for choping 46 Bushels & William Murry got 34 Bush Fine day for making sugar Paid John Elles one Hunder Dollers & 4$ Interest received from Henry {C?} Kays $ 26.25 cents Interest on mortgage for 15 months sold George Elgie one Turky 75 cents TUESDAY, 10. Thawing to High wind making sugar WEDNESDAY, 11. Very Fine to day making sugar & at mill with 5 Bags Wheat & 10 oats at post office in the evening sent order to Kingston $47.35 Interest for John Patton APRIL, THURSDAY, 12. 1866 Warm to day we was making sugar done of two batches this afternoon rain for the first this spring. in the evning FRIDAY, 13. Warm to day finished making sugar & started to plough. made about one Hunder weight of sugar SATURDAY, 14. Fine day ploughing with two teems some slight showrs

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