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MAY, MONDAY 7. 1866. Plesent to day finished sowing Wheat this spring crop ploughing for Barley sow at John Heffrons 6th May 1867 Sowed the first of the wheat this seson TUESDAY, 8. Fine day ploughing for oats & Barley a slight rain in the evning Sowing oats WEDNESDAY, 9. Fine to day ploughing with two teams one drawing stones. Harroing to day MAY, THURSDAY, 10. 1866. Warm to day sowed our barley this afternoon William Morros stable catched fire but was put out 9th May sowing wheat windy to day FRIDAY, 11. Warm & drie we was ploughing for oats 10th windy sowing wheat finished at hom SATURDAY, 12. Warm & high wind I was sowing oats at hom 11th Sowing wheat at the stone Barn Spring Wheat $2. 12 1/2 cents per Bushel in Guelph

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