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MAY, MONDAY, 28. 1866. Rained all day on sunday & on monday fornoon finished sowing oats we was fencing in the afternoon TUESDAY, 29. Cold at nights we started to the potatoes to get ground redy for planting WEDNESDAY, 30. Rained in the afternoon stoning & working potatoes ground MAY, THURSDAY, 31. 1866. Fine day I was at Guelph with oats 46 Bushels at 31 cents Spring wheat $1.45 cents JUNE, FRIDAY, 1. Fine day we was dunging our potatoes the Fenins crosed the lines at Fort Erie the Toronto Volinters atack them SATURDAY, 2. Warm day planted our potatos more fighting to day the Fenins driven back Apel Trees in ful blossam 3rd Finished sowing oats at John Elmslies

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