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JUNE, MONDAY, 4. 1866. Showrey to day I was at a Fire Insuranc meeting the team awa for timber for George Matlands Barn TUESDAY, 5. Raining at times fixing fences the mount Forest Volentiers came down to day Wednesday 5 June 1867 Finished sowing oats WEDNESDAY, 6. some showrs through out the day I was at Guelph Fair and the horse races Thursday 6th working at the potatoes ground MAY, THURSDAY, 7. 1866. Fine day I planted a few cabbages I bought in Guelph we planted some potatos to day Friday 7 drawing dung for the potatoes great thunder sorm in the aftern-noon very heavy rain FRIDAY, 8. Verry warm we finished planting potatoes Saturday 8 drawing dung

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