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DECEMBER, MONDAY, 31, 1866 Frosty I was thrashing peas with the flail ============================================================ 1st January 1867 Rather frosty I was at barn we was shooting some in the forenoon we was at William Morries in the afternoon shooting & a dance at night 2nd I was at Guelph Fair Cattle rather low in price 3 Rather mild we was thrashing peas with the horses 4 fine day I was at John Metcalfs thrashing 5 Fine & & & 6 Frosty I was at Enstvill at the election & paying the taxes $33.92 & at Salem & Fergus Mrs John Mutrie Died this evning 7 Fine day I was at hom 8 Snowing a little I was helping to dig grave & at the funral in the afternoon 9 I was at hom not mutch snow yet 10 We was drawing out some dung Bob horse got sick 11 I was at hom working with the horse 12 At hom doctring at Bob Horse 14 Frosty at hom fixing horse helping David Cupre to kill pigs 15 Frosty to day at hom 16 Thrashing at John Beatties I had George Grafsick clening Wheat in the afternoon 17 George at Guelph with Wheat 45 bush 20 lb at 135 cents per Bush. 18 Very frosty & cold George at Guelph with Wheat 31 Bush at 135 cents Bob Horse died to night 19 A bit more snow very good sleighing George at mill with a load of oats & peas to get choped 21 a good bit more snow I was at the mill for the oats & peas and had four Bushels of Wheat for a grist 22 I was at home George Beatties killing pigs mild day 23 I was at Wiiliam Morros killing pigs do do 24 Working at hom 25 Friday I was at a sale on the york road & bought some harnes 26 Very stormy working at hom Monday 28 Rather stormy working at hom Tusday 29 Very cold day we was killing pigs six small ones for our own use weight 1000 lbs the weighties 190 lbs We 30th Calmer to day drawing turnips out of the pit Th 31 Fine day & rather soft Killing pigs at John Beatties February 1 rather mild to day drawing out dung George at Guelph with wheat 135 cents per Bushel paid Tailor the Ferrier $15 for atending horse Sat 2nd Blowing Sat 2nd Blowing & stormy drawing out dung paig George McInnes for pair Harrowes $15 Mon 4th Fine to day I was at Bridons sale & Bought so shep for $12.25 cents nine months credit Tu 5th Snowing to day we was thrashing peas with the flails Wed 6 Was at Guelph Fair & Bought a mare for $140 very fine day Th 7 Very fine day drawing Turnips Fr 8 do do I was in Gueph for the mare we bought of David Day Sa 9 Rather stormy & blowing I was at hom handling axe & grinding Mo 11 Verry frosty two of us at Elgies thrashing Tu 12 Fine day & thawing we was killing our pigs eight of them thawing & rain Wed 13 Verry wet day I was at the Blacksmiths getting Horses Th 14 Rather mild drawing over oats to the Barn Fri 15 Frosty to day at Guelph with our pork weight of them was 440 - 406, 358, 399, 375, 321,145, 146 price $5.45 Sa 16 Verry wet day I was at hom Mo 18 Frosty drawing out dung Tu 19 Fine day thrashing We 20 Frosty thrashing & finished at hom

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