File #4569: "Ferguson Diary, 1871-24.pdf"



== March, WEDNESDAY, 8 1871 == Commenced operations in the lower bush for sugar making, tapped 40 trees. the sap runs pretty freely. Hauled the furnace {illegible: Rithles?} and all necessary articles down to creek with team, carried the things across walking on the old ice which is heaved up and will not bear a team. Spent evening at E. Buntings. == THURSDAY, 9 == Was at the same business as yesterday. Tapped 10 more trees making 50 all together, boiled down 15 pails of sap. to 42 pail. The weather is very warm, thawing very fast. The roads are fearful muddy. The Etobicoke has over flowed its banks, completely intimidating the Rats, John Thistle merchant Brampton shot himself yesterday. == March, FRIDAY, 10 1871 == Was splitting stove wood this forenoon. Went to sugar bush at noon but the sap is not running because of warm weather and no frost. Spent the evening at the Reunion concert held in Haggert Bros large new building in the fourth story the machinery was all in motion and a steam elevator for carrying the == SATURDAY, 11 == People up the whole brilliantly Aluminated. The professional singers 3 ladies 2 gentlemen were from Hamilton & Toronto. They sung very well. A drizzling rain all day making the wads very {illegible: windy?}, commenced snowing this evening. Was splitting wood. Gathered some more sap making in all 25 pails.