File #4573: "Ferguson Diary, 1871-28.pdf"



== March, FRIDAY, 24 1871 == Was splitting and piling firewood. It freezes, very hard at night, it is too cold for the sap to run freely only gathered 10 pails of it today. Drove the buggy down to Brampton tonight to the W. Choir preachers. This was a full attendance. Robert went up to John Snell's this evening in business. == SATURDAY, 25 == Was at the same occupation as yesterday have the wood more than half split. Gathered 12 pails of sap. The census taker called here yesterday and left a schedule to be filled out with full particulars about farm and family. It bright clean day. == March, SUNDAY, 26 1871 == Was at S.S. this morning. Supt abs. {Uncertain Name: Mr. J. Raring?} addressed the school on the lesson. I Kings XVIII {illegible: 41 of 46?}. Walked to Brampton this evening with sister Lavina and heard Rev A Russel preach text - Isaiah - XL, 1st 2nd verse. Aunt Lizzie Ferguson's children have been spending 2 days here. Snowing tonight from East. == MONDAY, 27 == Drove sister Viney to school in Brampton in the cutter. There being 6 or 8 inches off fresh snow. Brought of R.C.C Co. 2 bush crown peas @ $1.10 peas bush of J.C. Snell was here tonight and filled out a blank form of farm lease between father and I, so that I can have a vote at next election.