File #4574: "Ferguson Diary, 1871-29.pdf"



== March TUESDAY, 28 1871 == Mr. Wm Black from Port Perry was here all last night. Had a litter of Berkshires from the old sow 9 in number 6 are living and doing well. Spent the day in the bush boiling sap. boiled 30 pails. The sap ran from the trees very fast. Bright days and frosty night. == WEDNESDAY, 29 == Was busy all day boiling. Down 38 pails of sap in the lower bush. Father rode horseback to J.C. Snell to see little many {illegible: pahs?} has the scarlet fever, not a serious attack. It was a warm day and windy all the snow of the east storm has disappeared. == March, THURSDAY, 30 1871 == It takes a pretty large share of the time to attend to the stuck at this season of the year especially the sheep, have had 18 young lambs of which 5 which 5 are dead. Was splitting firewood and gathered 14 pails of sap. Received a letter from Uncle J. Ferguson. They are well and busy at spring seeding. == FRIDAY, 31 == Was boiling sap again all day in the bush reached 22 pails to one pail. Walked to Brampton this evening was {illegible: believed?} at G.E. Woods, also was at choir practice. Received a letter from Uncle Adam, they are doing well. Willy Mason is quite low with consumption.