File #4583: "Ferguson Diary, 1871-38.pdf"



== April, TUESDAY, 25 1871 == Was at the same work as yesterday. Sowed an acre of early peas yesterday (the little orchard). The second team was rolling the rate field 1 acres, Planted 3 or 4 apple trees and a rose bush from Leslie Nursery. Toronto also some cherry trees a present from J Learmeut. Spent evening at J.C. Snell's in reading and chat. == WEDNESDAY 26 == Was plowing half the forenoon. Then went to Brampton to the Spring show of the C.P.A Society. There was quite a crowd of people, it being a very fine day. a large show of good bulls, {illegiable: Took?} Clifton {from?} got no prize. He weighed 1970 lbs, there was also a good show of Stallions. Paid {illegible: Haggerts?} note of $16. Receive from father a deed for the 25 acres. == April, THURSDAY, 27 1871 == Rained quite heavily nearly all day from East giving the ground a regular soaking, Was carrying potatoes over from the house cellar to the driving house, have 16 bags "{illegible: Gornet Chili?}" and 5 bags "Early Whites" a few which are rotten. Paid A. M Gaul Caledon for 25 stakes we drew lait winter $4.25. == FRIDAY, 28 == Father sold in Brampton 2 bags "Early Whites" and bought 1 bag "{illegible}" @ 90 cts per bag also bought pick "Early Rose" @ 50 cts per bag. Was picking down old fences to be put in an improved state. Spent evening at choir Practice. The weather is cold and windy.