File #4584: "Ferguson Diary, 1871-39.pdf"



== April, SATURDAY, 29 1871 == Was building on the North site of the Cane this forenoon the old fence was pretty well. need of, partly bail over 60 rods. Spent the afternoon at Ambrose Woodhall's bee for raising a new barn 80 x 34. it was hard work and very exciting, Slight westerly showers prevailed. == SUNDAY, 30 == Went to S. School this morning. Supt pres. although he had to drive 18 miles before school time lesson - Matt VI -19-34. Heard Rev. W. McFadden preach at Lion this afternoon text - Prov - VI, 6th verse, received from the ministers the {illegible: Luarterly? Quarterly?} tickets for May. Walked to Brampton church to night and heard the same sermon. == May, MONDAY, 1 1871 == Was plowing sod all day at the other place. Fixed up the swim gate at noon across the creek between E. Bunting and us. Commenced sowing barley this afternoon cultivating with the other team. The weather was pretty warm, the grass is growing very fast, 3 inch high, very good sheep pasture. == TUESDAY, 2 == Finished cultivating and harrowing 11 acre of barley in front of house done my first sowing grain with ten hands, The Court of Revis in took place today of Edmonton, quite a crowd of people present, Father went up but any lease was not called on, it passed off favourably to the Reform party. Had a lamb from the Largest-ewe in the flock.