File #4585: "Ferguson Diary, 1871-40.pdf"



== May, WEDNESDAY, 3 1871 == Was plowing the head ridges and water furrowing the field of barley, also sowed clover sod 10 lbs and Timothy 3 lbs to acre on it. Plowed 12 an acre of sod this afternoon. Planted some Early Goodwich and Early White potatoes in the garden. spent evening reading S. School Library books. == THURSDAY, 4 == A heavy East storm prevailed throughout the day with a high wind, putting in flock to seeding operations for a day or two. Was dressing the sheeps feet, it is a troublesome disease, it is affecting the young lambs. Tanned 60 bush fall wheat it being now ready for market. The storm had started this evening. == May, FRIDAY, 5 1871 == Was engaged in shovelling drains and letting water off the barley field. Was digging past holes and setting posts for a board fence on the N.E. side of the barnyard from hogpen around the corner of lane to the creek. Spent the evening at Practice, learning on the Handel's choruses, it is very difficult. == SATURDAY, 6 == Rode to Brampton for medicine and a bottle of Cookeville wine for father who is very sick on kind of filliance attack. Was at pretty much the same work as yesterday, finished up some fencing and sowing clover seed. The weather has cleared up fine manure.