File #4596: "Ferguson Diary, 1871-51.pdf"



== June, FRIDAY, 18 1871 == Went to Brampton with this jear's clip of wool 275 lbs sold & K.C Co @ 34 cts pu lb had 15 lbs matted wool price for that reduced one third received for whole lot $91.90. Spent evening at practice. This is strawberry season. Aunt Lizzie has a great quantity and is realizing considerable out of the saba 12 1/2 cts per 'qut. == SATURDAY, 17 == Was plowing all day and finished up the summer fallout the side hill plowing is tiresome work. The hill being so steep that we have to plow around it throwing the furrow down hill. Sold a 2 yr old steer to Williamson drover, for $50 was very large for his age and in good trim. == June, SUNDAY, 18 1871 == Went to S.S. this morning. Light abs. Lesson VI Kings 2.920 a small attendance and dull. Mr. J.B. Guinshaw is very sick with dropsy and heart disease. The doctor have given him up for lost. Heard Rev Mr Stonehouse preach in Brampton, was one of the P.M. ministers, but has joined W.M. Conference - text - Numbers XIV 24th. == MONDAY, 19 == Was engaged in drilling up the turnip ground and sowing with Swede turnip seed about 2 3/4 acres sowed 6 lb of seed on it. Had a fine red and a little white {illegible} calf from {uncertain name: Roger?}.