File #4597: "Ferguson Diary, 1871-52.pdf"



== June, TUESDAY, 20 1871 == Was working at the new sheep pen. Put a new plank floor in the horse stable laying crossways on top of the {illegible: floor?} gave received a letter from J.B. Snell within from London dorr. Ireland shortly after {illegible: hee?} around. he was just 10 days crossing the Atlantic had calm weather all the time. Had a westerly shower. Planted 65 cabbage plants. == WEDNESDAY 21 == Finished shingling the new sheep pen. Jane walked up to Mr John Snells and Sarah drove her down this evening. The Pell Battalion 361th Volunteer returned from Niagara, where thus has been 5000 of them dulling for 2 weeks. == June, THURSDAY, 22 1871 == Was doctoring the sheep's feet went over the whole flock dipping each foot into a solution of bluestone. Spent the afternoon at Robert Carter's barn raising, had a nice lively time. Father took a grist of 10 bush wheat to Maine's new steam grist mill in Brampton. == FRIDAY, 23 == Commenced haying this morning by cutting 4 acres of clover 'd-is short and this will not be over a load to the acre. Brought of E. Humphrey's Edmonton a new waggon hay rack $5.00 a new horse rake $4.50 and a new washing machine $4.50. A sovel tonight at W. Broddy, realized $57.00 in aid and of the Vestry.