File #4600: "Ferguson Diary, 1871-55.pdf"



== July, SUNDAY, 2 1871 == Went to S. School this morning. Supt Pres. Lesson I Samuel XVI 1 to 178. Did not get name from Toronto untill 1:30 o'clock this morning having missed last nights train. Drove Jennie and family up to John Snell's this afternoon for an hour or so. == MONDAY, 3 == Hauled in 6 loads of hay out of the orchard field. Tried one load to take it off with the horse fork but it would not wok well the hay being too short so that we must give up the use of it for this season. It was a fine hay day. Was at G. John Campbell's this morning. == July, TUESDAY, 4 1871 == Commenced raining this morn at 5 A.M. from SE. Lasted 3 or 4 hours. also a thunder shower this evening. Finished water liming the cellars. Received a letter from J.C.S. England, lengthy and well within, took it up to John Snell's tonight for their perusal, enjoyed the evening well. == WEDNESDAY, 5 == Mrs J.C.S and Johnny. I went went to Oakville on Monday to Uncle Taylor's Received yesterday from J.C. a copy of Irish Daily Times printed in Dublin. Mailed the Globe and C. Gentlemen to him. Finished mowing the orchard field and drew in 3 more loads making 20.