File #4624: "Ferguson Diary, 1871-79.pdf"



== October, FRIDAY, 6 1871. == Sold 54 bush of same kind of wheat as yesterday at same price. Settled K. Chisholm's Storebill of $50. Mr James Thompson spent the afternoon here, he is going to Missouri next week. J.C. Snell borrowed 4 bush of peas. Howed in two barrow pigs for to fatter for the knife. == SATURDAY, 7 == Father went to Toronto this morning to buy the tickets for Missouri, which cost $44 for two tickets, also bought $100 worth of greenbacks $114.00 also $100 gold, taking $200 of Canadian money altogether. Bo't in Toronto a trunk @ $2.75. Was engaged in digging pot holes. == October, SUNDAY, 8 1871. == J.C. Snell arrived here at 6 A.M. from Guelph much wearied. Dawson Modeland spent the forenoon and took dinner here. Him and I walked down to W.M. S. School in Brampton at 2 P.M. there is a large attendance, over 150 and interesting school. Took tea at J.W. Main's residence. Rev W.W. Carson preached at 6 P.M. text - Romans XIV 21st. A {???} sermon. == MONDAY, 9 == Sold 2 ram lambs to J.C. Snell at $15 and $10 each. Took the best one down to Brampton at 7 o'clock A.M. for the ship to Guelph {???} County Fair. Was repairing the yard pump putting in new {verses?}. Also building board fence. The weather is very warm.