File #4625: "Ferguson Diary, 1871-80.pdf"



== October, TUESDAY, 10 1871. == Drove father and mother down to the depot at 8 A.M. to start another journey to Missouri. Was harvesting the apple crop have only three barrels of hand picked ap winter apples and two barrels of soft apples, total 5 barrels , a small lot indeed. Bought a pump from {???} of Glen William's at $8.40. == WEDNESDAY, 11 == Viney and I went to Guelph this morning via G.J. Railway to the Autrial Fair held there on the 10th 11th and 12th inst, it was nearly equal on magnitude to the Provincial Fairs, and the quantity of live stock, implent and Arts was surprisry. the was 15,000 persons at the show today. Came home on the evening train. == October, THURSDAY, 12 1871. == Went to blacksmith's to get some harness repaired and and to get the pistor rod of the pump by {threwed?}. A fearful fire took place in Chicago on Monday last, destroying all the finest and largest buildings and some hundreds of people perished in the flames. A great away fires occurring on account of the dry weather. == FRIDAY, 13 == J. Learment and I measured the size of every field on the 200 acres with a 4 rod tape line, finding that most of them were contained less acres than we thought for before measuring. commenced plowing the fall wheat stubble. Spent the evening at Choir Practice. Cold frosty night.