File #4628: "Ferguson Diary, 1871-83.pdf"



== October, SUNDAY, 22 1871 == Spent the morning at S. School Supt. pres. Lesson II Samuel XII 1 to 14th. Was at Mr John Snells this afternoon practicing some familiar tunes for the Missionary Meeting at Zion Took tea at J.C Snell's. Heard Rev A, Sutherland preach in Brampton, text Ezekiel XXXVII 7 to 10. A very able sermon == MONDAY, 23 == The smoke is so dense that any object more than 100 yards distant is invisible. Spent the afternoon at A Woodhall's threshing. Went to Brampton to the Annual Missionary Meeting excellent addresses by Rev. A Sutherland. Joel Briggs and John {Brechin?}. The Choir received great praise for their services. == October, TUESDAY, 24 1871 == Was picking stones off the meadows have gone over 22 acres getting a considerable quantity thereof. Paid R. Quins blacksmiths bill $4.50. Spent the evening and staid all night at J.C. Snell's, he has gone to Quebec to "Chochrane's" sale of stock. Was repairing their melodeon. == WEDNESDAY, 25 == Commenced topping the turnips with the hard hoe, beheaded 1/4th of them and drew the leaves off to feed to the cattle. Rainy looking all day, a cold east wind had a slight shower this evening. Had another litter of Berkshires {pigs} 8 in number.