File #4640: "Ferguson Diary, 1871-95.pdf"



== December, SATURDAY, 9 1871. == Was at the same work as yesterday. Sold the cow "Lady Harrington" and calf for $150 to John Snell. Sister Mary and Susie Campbell were collecting for the Bible Society. The cold weather continues not enough snow to make good sleighing, but splendid waggoning the roads are hard and smooth == SUNDAY, 10 == Spent the morning at S School Rev Jas Brooks present lesson John XVII. Heard Rev John Shaw preach at Zion text II Peter III last verse. Heard same minister in Brampton to night text Psalm XI, 14th verse, it was a funeral sermon on account of the death of several children with the scarlet fever == December, MONDAY, 11 1871. == Deposited $150.00 in the Merchants' Bank in Brampton which will draw interest at t per cent if not withdrawn before 3 months. Mr H. {Joness?} brought home our shaw cutter. Spent the evening at the meeting of the "Safeguard Lodge" there were two more members initiated == TUESDAY, 12 == Was engaged in splitting oak stakes at the other place out of an old log that has laid in the bush for many years but proved to be sound and made 100 good stakes. Mrs J. C. Snell and little Mary and Johnnie are spending 2 or 3 days here. Spent the evening at home in reading.