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Vincent Bowerman
1877 - 1884
Vincent Bowerman (1832-1910) m arried Mary M Haight (1836-1905) and lived in
H allowed Township, Prince Edward County. His diary is held at the Prince Edward
County Archives and has the accession number A2001.016.072 100a.
Transcribed by Lydia Wytenbroek, history student at Trinity Western University,
Langley, British Columbia and posted here with her permission. Pam Noxon,
archivist at the PEC Archives, also grants permission for this posting.
Thanks to Dr. Robynne Rogers Healey, Associate Professor at Trinity Western
University, for her role in this effort.
Copyright: © Lydia Wytenbroek and Randy Saylor, 2008

Vincent Bowerman's Diary A2001.016.072 100a
[cover |
Vincent Bowerman’s
Diary 1877- 1884
Including a note on
my birth p42
M. [Y?] Williams
IPg 1]

Vincent Bowerman's [milored?]
Diary is one of the most
important family
p 5. Aunt Paty Hubbs.
(nee Margaret Southard)
was Nancy Southard
Bowerman's sister, Vincent’s
sister in law
p 17 Feb. 18, 1828 Nelson
Sills here au auguing [sic] to
work our farm