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in the evening
Gilbert Miller the Metho
dis [sic] preacher died in Picton
4 mo 6 1877 Ruth the wife
of Benjamin Brislol died
4 mo 7 1877
John Levils Barn was
burned 4 mo 11 1877
burned up 13 cows 2 horses
and every thing [sic] else that
was in it the work of an
Incendeiry [sic]
David Cunningham
died 4 mo 18 1877 buried
the 20th
[pg 7a]
4 mo 26 the Boys gatherd [sic] 77
the Sap buckets and put
them in the Sap house
4 mo 30 Levi began making
Cheese gat but 700 of milk
the first day W H Ruttan
went over to Gilberts Factory
the Same day
[?] Burlingham
died 3 mo 12 1850
Phebe his widow died 4 5 mo 1877
buried the 6 by the side
of her husband in the
Stinson burying ground
5 mo 17 Went to Wellington
to attend the monthly meeting
Stoped [sic] at John Dortands
6 took diner [sic] Self and Levi
[pg 7b]
Mary Carrie & Thomas had